Saturday, August 27, 2011

Last Three Laughs

What are the last three things that gave you happiness, joy, made you smile or gave you a fun little laugh? I hope you have far more than three. I hear smiling and laughing has been proven to be healthy. How cool is that?

My last three are, as the rest of my life, rather random.

1. Rubber Duckies. A woman sitting a few yards away from me has several rubber duckies in different outfits decorating the top of her cube wall. I have no idea why they are there. But the little, hopeful and ever cheerful munchkins made me smile and chuckle to myself each morning...and afternoon, too.

2. Dancing Donut. A new Dunkin Donuts opened up along one of the street I drive to get to work each morning. To attract attention, I suppose, they hired some overly energetic and excited young man to slip on a chunky chocolate frosted and sprinkled donut costume each morning. That's not the part that gets me. It's his dancing. He dances me! Haha. I wish I was kidding. :-) That level of energy and seeming optimism gives me a smile and an "I can do this" feeling in the morning. Thank you Donut Boy!

3. My Boss. Today he swore and used the word sexy in two meetings. I wont bore you with overwhelming detail, but let's just say he's a Type A personality on steroids. I could barely keep my laughter in hearing him refer to the sexy design of a PowerPoint and the f*&@&ers he created it for. Oh corporate America...


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