Monday, August 22, 2011

Catch Up!

Hello! These last couple weeks have been a lot of fun. I'm so blessed to have wonderful family and friends surrounding me.

For the last two weeks, I agreed to to house sit for my cousins. It seemed harmless at first, but then I realized the zoo I was walking into. Prepare yourself...

 Ruby, Mystic, Oscar and Penny (left to right)

A baby bearded dragon (who eats crickets)

Maui, the bird, who bites.

And there were also two tanks of fish. One freshwater fish went belly up :-( and little Nemo jumped into the filter and chilled out solo for a week. I thought he died and got eaten by the other fish. I was happy to finally find Nemo (haha...)

I also got to go race car driving. Well, they were actually go karts, but I got to wear a suit and helmet like the big guys!

And I went to a Renaissance Faire!

Some of the people there really get into it -- I absolutely loved how much excitement and energy there was. In another life, I definitely would have been one of those women dressed up fancy schmancy. But in this life, face paint is more than enough.

Now I have a loooong week of work ahead of me. Luckily, I have another great weekend to keep me going. I will finally be able to go to church on Sunday after three weeks of craziness, I'm going to a concert at Ravinia, and I get to see my wonderful friend Jessie. All that stands between me and happiness are four days. Four days. Four days..... *sigh*

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