Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Great Expectations

It's interesting how other's expectations impact your daily life. You are constantly surrounded by a world expecting you to do so many things, from job requirements and social engagements to purchasing habits and hobbies. Our actions and reactions depend largely on our expectations of others and whether those expectations are met, or not.

The most difficult aspect to face in regards to this idea of expectations are the consequences when we fall short.

For example, if you fail to meet your boss's expectations, you won't get the raise. If you fail to meet your friends expectations, your relationship may change. If you fail to meet the government's expectations, you might go to court.

There is one exception, however. One glorious, beautiful, and humbling exception. If you fail to meet God's expectations, you aren't punished, condemned or chastised. When we fail, we ask for His forgiveness, and we are forgiven. Jesus already suffered the consequences of our mess-ups because he loves us so, so much.

It's a wonderful thing to remember, when you feel like you just aren't meeting the high expectations of others, that God loves us unconditionally, even though we are not, and will never be, perfect.

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