Saturday, March 26, 2011

Takin' Care of Business

Senior year is a stressful time in students' college career. We are expected to do well in classes, study hard, participate in campus organizations, find a full-time job, hold a part-time job, and make the most of our last year in the education system, all while keeping our cool and acting like mature adults in the eyes of the public. I can only imagine what the job description would look like for a college student's life. The job descriptions posted for entry-level jobs are not as daunting when I consider everything I have been juggling for the past four years.

Nevertheless, my college career is slowly coming to a close. This morning I had my third and final interview for a position in the Leadership Development Program at Allstate Insurance. Later this afternoon I received a call from the Senior HR Consultant to congratulate on my first job offer for a position as a Leadership Development Consultant! Praise the Lord!

I simply cannot express my excitement. First and foremost, I have a job. That is reason enough to celebrate, but I also have the joy of beginning my post-collegiate career with a great starting salary, stellar benefits, and the opportunity to really make a difference.

I was hired as part of Allstate's new Leadership Development Program. The goal of the program is to bring in new talent, original ideas, and fresh perspectives. In return, we have the opportunity to develop into Allstate's next generation of leaders. I am certainly blessed to have this opportunity.

I do not know which areas of the company in which I will be working yet, so I could be in California or Texas or stay right here in the Chicagoland area. Wherever this job takes me, I know that it will be great. I had a wonderful experience working as an intern at Allstate and I grew to respect the company and enjoy the corporate culture. I have no hesitations beginning my career with the company and I am excited to see what opportunities lie ahead.