Saturday, June 5, 2010

Summer in Missouri

Hey there! I haven't posted anything up here for a while due to an amazing semester I spent in Granada so I thought I'd get started again. I'm spending the summer in the St. Louis area and working as an intern at Stephen Ministries.

This summer is a bit different from what I would have anticipated for my summer prior to senior year. I am living with my cousins who have 3 young kids, I don't really know anyone in the area, and it is very hot and humid out here. Nonetheless, I am having a great summer. I love having the opportunity to have fun and laugh and play like a kid with my cousins. Example: Last night we played with the photo features on their Mac...for nearly an hour.

I am also really enjoying my internship. Although I am still in training, I am learning how to do a job that allows me to work for a really great cause that enables congregations to care for and comfort thousands of people every day.

However, the most interesting part of it all is the change in my habits for the summer. The Krones really value an extreme. Alana is a fitness trainer and is in amazing shape. Brad and the kids also exercise a lot. And finally, the family goes to bed by 10:00 and is up before 7:00. For a college student who is used to late nights and sleeping in...this is a bit drastic. I suppose if I am to look at it with a 'glass half full' point of view, it's a great way to transition into the real world mentality I will need to have in less than a year. Oy vey.

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