Friday, November 14, 2008

Changes for CEOs

I came across an interesting article today in Fortune Magazine discussing the effect of the financial crisis on corporate leadership. In a time where many are worried and anxious about the future and afraid to make the wrong decision, Jim Collins, author of "Good to Great" takes an alternative view saying that "a crisis is a terrible thing to waste."

Leadership styles have gone through a number of changes over the years, and we are at the beginning of yet another change. Jennifer Reingold, a senior writer for Fortune Magazine believes this new type of leadership is a good thing. "It's a leadership approach better suited to this interconnected, ever more turbulent world."

This new type of leader will have to be comfortable asking questions, asking for help, and even admitting when they do not understand. I agree with Reingold in that this new leadership style is a good thing for corporate America. So many businesses have been separated from the human aspect of leadership. Considering how "we took the complex nature of leadership," says management thinker C.K. Prahalad, "and converted it into a single metric by basing compensation on the stock price," it's no wonder our approach to leadership needs a change.

So, for all of today's CEOs, leaders, and recent and soon-to-be college graduates, be aware of the changing style of leadership. This could be an excellent opportunity for you to take the reins and show corporate America the way - if you are up for the challenge.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Take a Step Back

The world is buzzing with news right now, and the buzz is much louder than usual. The excitement is expected when considering the election of the first black president, our weak economy and the war and everyone seems to have an opinion. I think that's great. I believe our nation can expect to see the beginning of change and we should have an opinion about that. Nevertheless, I still strongly believe that it is equally important to take a step back, remove oneself from the situation and take a look at a different part of our nation. I change in perspective can do us some good.

On Thursday, the Toy Hall of Fame embraced childhood imagination when a stick was chosen as on of the newest additions to the collection. Christopher Bensch, the museum's curator of collections explains the addition in saying that "It's very open-ended, all-natural, the perfect price — there aren't any rules or instructions for its use. It can be a Wild West horse, a medieval knight's sword, a boat on a stream or a slingshot with a rubber band. ... No snowman is complete without a couple of stick arms, and every campfire needs a stick for toasting marshmallows."

I don't aim to discredit topics deemed more relevant to our nation, I simply suggest that we all take a moment now and then to take a step back and reflect on the simpler things in life. Creativity, imagination and opportunity - all of which can be found in toys and all of which were vital in the creation of our nation.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Beginning

Hello all. I suppose I would first like to begin by introducing myself. I am a sophomore Marketing/Management double major at Drake University. I stay actively involved at Drake, mostly within business through the professional business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi, Investment Club, and SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise). I also participate in Colleges Against Cancer and earn extra cash working in the Alumni Center at Phonathon. Usually the job is regarded as slow, boring and depressing, however, I think that with the right perspective it can be one of the best jobs on campus and provide hundreds of connections to alumni across the United States.

I have limited experience as a college student, though I gained valuable experience during my summer marketing internship at Spire2 Communications, Inc. working on an interactive community mural project. As I continue to further my knowledge on the economy, business, leadership and various topics of interest, I intend to include my opinion as well as offer information that may prove to be helpful or interesting at the very least.

Until next time, I leave you with what I hope will be interpreted as an inspirational quote,

"What we call results are beginnings -Ralph Waldo Emerson-